There comes a time in everyone’s life where you may be feeling a little under the weather, and in your mind you say I’ll be ok, and self medicate. Is self-medicating okay? For some maybe, but for others it is not okay. When living with a chronic illness you need to listen and understand what your body is telling you, because you take medications for the said illness self-medicating may not be ideal unless you have talked to your doctor, or even researched and understand the interactions the over the counter drug may have with your daily medication.

There has been a time or two where I thought if I just rested that all would be ok, but in the long run everything was made ten time worse. I had to sit back a re-evaluate the situation and understand that my health comes first and I needed to take myself to the doctor. Don’t be ashamed to ask someone for assistance, and definitely don’t be ashamed to go the ER or doctor even for the smallest of ailments. Going could save your life, and show the medical professionals caring for you that no matter the circumstance you listened to your body and made judgement call.

Never wait until it is too late, because your family wants you around for many years to come.


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